Thankful: Thanksgiving 2015

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, 

I have been reflecting on what I am most grateful for this year.

It is interesting that year to year, my list isn't all that different, however,

 things seem to be listed in a different order depending on life and circumstances. 

This year, my thoughts are short and sweet. 

I am most grateful for the things of this life that are 

everlasting, unwavering & steadfast.

This year, my gratitude is for my faith in a higher being and Elder Brother.

One that allows me to cast my fears and doubts aside 

while giving me hope to look up.

And my gratitude also lies in my family. 

Those who know me best, who bring joy to my life & who are my greatest treasure.

...and butter...and cream cheese...also great treasures in my book. 

Happiest Thanksgiving to You and Yours
{Also grateful for dear friends with amazing talents. Print by Lisa at Hand Lettered Designs & photos by Lindsey at Baby Love Photography}

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