Let's talk Caramel...and apples

 Oh sweet caramel
You sure make this time of year the very best!
One of my favorite caramels to buy is called Peter's Caramel and is sold in 5lb loafs.
You may be thinking, who needs 5lbs of caramel?
I do.
I used this baby in one day. 

Just think of the possibilities...
Caramel Apples, Carmelitas, Homemade Twix Bars, and Salted Caramel Shortbread Bars...

Yesterday, it was Caramel Apples. Remember those Utah farm apples I bought?
I couldn't bring myself to can them this year. 
So Caramel Apples it is.

Peter's was particularly easy to use, you put the caramel in a dutch oven or sauce pan, heat your oven to 200 and let it melt in there for about 60-90 minutes.
(I went to Nordstrom and back while mine melted- thank you Bobbi Brown counter- family pictures are this weekend and this mid-thirties gal needed some concealer if you know what I mean).

 Once the caramel was melted, I pulled the stems and put sticks into my apples. My apples were washed and free from the shiny wax that the grocery stores put on them (this helps the caramel to stick to the apple). Then I went to town dipping away.

The caramel started to cool rather quickly so I had to work fast and then put the pot of caramel back in the oven for 20 minutes or so to finish the batch. When you are dipping, patience is a virtue. Once your apple is coated, continue to hold it over the pan and spin it a bit to allow excess caramel to fall back into the pan. If you skimp on this step, your caramel will fall and pool on the bottom. I was pretty patient for a few apples and then I totally had some pooling towards the end. Still delish.

After dipping, I set the apples on parchment paper to cool. Don't make the mistake of using wax paper as it will stick to your caramel (and that's just no fun).  Dip the apple again in melted chocolate or drizzle it on- I had some Ghirardelli melts in milk and white chocolate and they were seriously tasty with this caramel. We also used toasted almonds, Oreo crumbs, and some Halloween sprinkles (all things we had hanging around from previous projects). I let my kiddos and their friends decorate their apples and they had a [messy creative] blast. 

 Here are a few of the apples I made

Wrapped up, and tied with a bow, they are pretty darn cute and a fun gift to give.

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