It's a Wonderful Life

This Christmas season, I have been particularly obsessed with the movie "It's a Wonderful Life." So much so, that today is the 14th of December and I have just finished watching it for the 4th time. I have seen this movie all my life, and LOVED it, but this year...this year is different. This year, the lessons taught in one of the greatest movies of all time (in my humble opinion) are poignantly relatable and I am left in tears as I find myself reflecting on my own life.

I know we all find ourselves at one time or another feeling like George Baily. Feeling defeated, rejected, having our character questioned, feeling like a failure. This pretty much sums up 2014 for us. There have been times where I have literally been picked up off the floor, not quite sure how to fathom life. I will honestly and somewhat sheepishly admit that I don't know that I have ever so questioned my faith, wondering if this is it...this is what it's all about? I signed up for this? On purpose?

...In same breath, I must tell you that I too have never felt as George Bailey did at the end of the movie, so utterly and completely, joyfully, grateful for the things that matter most. Having never had such a vivid appreciation for life, family, friends, and especially for faith. I questioned God, and He answered. We have experienced so many tender mercies this last few months, I will forever be changed by them. Without writing a memoir, we have felt carried through many trials including an unexpected job loss, and crazy enough, wouldn't trade any of it for the world. There is an unexplainable, undeniable, sweet feeling of comfort that comes when you feel that there is nowhere to go but up. Having nothing to give but faith, prayer, and fasting, we know that these things have blessed our life. We have literally felt the blessings that have come from dear family and friends praying, fasting, and being so generous on our behalf. Just like the movie, after feeling as though all is lost, George realizes that he has everything and more. I too pull my family in a little closer, hug them a little tighter, and am moved to tears by the kindness and generosity of life long friends.

It truly is a wonderful life.

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